Tuesday, March 27, 2012

28 Weeks

Officially in the third trimester now…ahhh!  I seriously have no idea what happened to the 2nd trimester – the time has flown by.  What I do know is that the first trimester tiredness is back in full force.  I feel like I hit a wall over the weekend and I’ve been exhausted ever since.  I was hoping for at least a few more good weeks before I felt really tired again :(  I’ve been napping and doing a lot of lounging in bed/on the couch.

Yesterday I met with the anesthesiologist at the hospital to talk about my back and the options for pain control during labor.  An epidural is definitely out, which I knew was most likely the case.  She explained that where they stick the epidural in the back is like putting a needle into a deflated balloon and since I have scar tissue on either side of the balloon, my balloon most likely won’t inflate and will not work to give me any pain relief.  There’s also a high chance of infection because the catheter sits in your back and that could affect the metal rods already in there.  She said a spinal could possibly work if I end up having to have a c-section, but it may also not work.  Same idea with having to inflate a balloon, but they stick you higher up so the chance of mine inflating is higher, and the needle is in and out versus having a catheter in.  The benefits are higher than the risks, though, so that’s good.  However, if it doesn’t work, that means I have to put completely to sleep for the surgery.  Basically I have to plan on having a natural delivery with the assistance of meds through an IV unless I want an elective c-section.  She said that the IV meds work very well for some people and for other people they don’t have as much as an effect.  Let’s hope they knock me out :) 

It’s funny because I was going into this thinking it wasn’t necessary to have a birth plan since anything could happen and it really depends on how far along you are when you get to the hospital that will determine the course of action.  But now I’m really hoping I can deliver naturally and not have a c-section.  If I do have to have a c-section, I’m praying the spinal will work but I have to prepare myself that I may have to be put asleep which means me and hubby miss the birth (he can’t be in the operating room if I’m completely under).  The doctor tried to assure me that baby and dad do leave the operating area together, though, and then they are waiting for me to wake up in recovery, but it’s still not an ideal situation.  The positive thing about having this appointment early on is that I can prepare myself by paying attention during our upcoming childbirth classes (especially for breathing exercises) and also pick up some books for laboring techniques. 

  • How far along?: 28 weeks
  • Baby is the size of a:  rutabaga  
  • Total weight gain/loss:  +15-17 – was pretty close to 20 last week but now I’m down a few today.  Must have had a major bloat issue last week or something.
  • The Bump: I feel like I popped again.  I have caught a few strangers smile at me, but no one really has come up to ask me when I’m due or anything like that.
  • Symptoms: Exhausted.  Which is disappointing because I was getting into a good routine with walking and doing my workout DVD.
  • Food Cravings:  Orange juice.  I treated myself to an Orange Coolata last Friday and then have had at least 5 glasses of OJ since then. 
  • Anything Making Me Queasy or Sick: Nope. 
  • Sleep: It’s been better this past week but it’s taking me a little longer to fall asleep after having to get up to pee.  And the weird dreams are back.
  • What I miss:  After doing some errands during lunch today, I found myself out of breath.  From just walking a little fast!  Ugh. 
  • Weddings Rings On or Off: On
  • Any Names Picked Out Yet:  I think we have picked THE one :)  It’s a secret until he’s born, though.
  • Movement: Still moving around like crazy.  And if I pay close attention, I can feel him when standing up now.
  • Maternity Clothes: Basically all maternity.  The nice weather last week meant I wore only dresses which were SO comfy.
  • Labor Signs: Nothing.
  • Best Moment of the Week: Getting some presents in the mail already from a few people who can’t attend our shower!  The Jeep stroller is set up and ready to go, and we also received a sleep/noise machine today.
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: Our upcoming shower in a couple weeks :)
  • 28 Week Pic:


    And what I wore to work…maternity top from Old Navy, maternity pants from Target.  Guess this shirt doesn’t show off the bump as much :)

    Week28 006

    And a comparison from the end of my 1st trimester (13 weeks) with the end of the 2nd trimester (27 weeks):


    Wow…and some days I think I don’t have much of a bump still.  HA!



    1. Still looking so cute at 28 weeks...I was the size of a house...especially with my second pregnancy, ha! I really hope that you'll be awake for the birth of your son if it comes down to needing a c-section. I went 20 hours without an epidural, and that was with pitocin (which I've heard makes contractions more painful), but I caved and asked for an epidural at the 20 hour mark. I was getting so tired and I wasn't progressing, they thought the epidural might relax me and aid in the opening of my cervix. No such luck, once I hit 30 hours with my water broke, they had to make the decision for a c-section.

      The fatigue during pregnancy is like no other, it completely drains you. You feel like you could nap at all hours of the day!

    2. If you want your husband to be your main support and coach - check out "Husband Coached Childbirth" by Dr. Robert Bradley. It's an easy read, and if your husband likes to read, he can read it or you can read it together. I think there's lots of great tips in there for how to get through labor naturally.

      Also, I think birth plans are so worth it - plan for all different kinds of scenarios and then you'll know how you want to approach different situations.

    3. I had IV drugs before my epi and they worked pretty well for me. I'm guessing what they'd give you would be stronger but mine lasted about an hour?


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