Thursday, March 8, 2012

Babymoon in San Diego – Part 3

Our third day in San Diego started off with a tour at Petco Park.  One of our goals is to eventually visit all the major league ballparks in America, so we wanted to make sure we did a park tour while on the West Coast. 

SanDiego2012 112

This tour was definitely the best one we’ve been on.  The guide was very knowledgeable, funny, and we spent the right amount of time in each part of the park, so it wasn’t boring at all.  I like how he explained that when building the park they wanted to borrow ideas from other favorite ballparks, so there’s bits and pieces of the park that look familiar.

SanDiego2012 113

Can’t wait to start bringing Baby C to ballgames :)  Baseball is really the only sport that Hubby and I like watching together (with the exception of basketball).

SanDiego2012 122

After the tour ended, we walked back through the Gaslamp Quarter (the ballpark is located on the edge of the district) and wandered around for a bit.  We decided to take ferry over to Coronado Island, so we waited on a bench on the pier until the ferry departed.  Got a little too much sun from that :)  The ferry ended up being a water taxi since we were leaving from the smaller pier but at least it was only a five minute ride over to Coronado.  Below is what the view was when we were on the island looking back at the San Diego cityline.

SanDiego2012 148

We were starving by that point, so we decided to walk downtown to the Coronado Brewing Company.  Yet another place where I couldn’t try their own brew :(  We will have to come back to San Diego in a few years when I’m not preggo so I can enjoy all the brew pubs there.  Hubby had the “best” French dip of his life, while I had a tasty Hawaiian burger.  After lunch we walked around for a bit and then decided to rent one of the surrey bikes, which looks like this if you’re not familiar:

image source

I don’t think we realized how much work it takes to push one of these things…let’s just say we would probably not rent one again haha.  At least it was only $12 for a half hour.  We rode it around part of the island and got to the famous bridge that connects San Diego to Coronado.  I jumped off to take a break and to also get an opportunity of the bump with the bridge in the background.  And then we also tried to take a picture of both of us, but it’s hard when not using a point and shoot camera.

SanDiego2012 154

SanDiego2012 156

SanDiego2012 159

I also learned it’s really not easy riding a bike in a skirt.  Hope I didn’t flash anyone!  We returned the bike and then had to wait a good hour until the next ferry departed, which was kind of a bummer.  By that time, it was starting to get windy and cooler and there was nowhere else to explore that was within walking distance.  I wished we could have seen the famous Hotel del Coronado, but I think we would have had to take a taxi to get there because it looked far away on the map.  Overall, Coronado was just okay – I was expecting a bit more.  Looking back, we probably should have just driven over the bridge instead of taking the ferry, but Hubby is afraid of heights and didn’t want to drive on the bridge.

We got back to the hotel and I promptly fell asleep.  When I woke up, we were debating on what to do for dinner and I eventually decided to suck it up and go out even though I was feeling pretty tired still (the sunburn on my chest and arms also wasn’t helping my mood).  We ended up driving to Old Town, and I’m so glad we went there as it ended up being my favorite neighborhood in the city.  Old Town is the birthplace of San Diego – it includes a national park and then there’s a few different streets that have a ton of restaurants and shopping options.  It’s like a combination of being a touristy goldmine town and a Mexican marketplace. 

We decided to eat at Cafe Coyote, which was hands down the best food we had the entire trip.  Everything was so fresh, service was outstanding, and we even got a free dessert.  I indulged in a non-alcoholic coconut lime drink while Hubby tried a shot of tequila and then a Mexican beer.  We sat outside, which was such a relaxing atmosphere:

SanDiego2012 162

After dinner we walked around, but since it was already late, a lot of the shops and little stands were closed so we knew we’d have to come back. 

Part 4 of our trip will include some cute sea animals :)


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  1. Looks like y'all had a fun time! The surrey bike looks fun, but like a ton of work! Kudos for you for riding it.


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