Saturday, July 20, 2013

Two Little Words

When Toby and I returned back home yesterday afternoon, I changed him, said “all clean” like I’ve been doing for weeks now, and then placed him back on the floor so he could play.  Not less than 10 minutes later I hear him grunting under the kitchen table.  “UGH, I JUST CHANGED YOU!” I exclaimed.

Back to the changing table we went, repeating the process of getting a new diaper on.  After I snapped his onesie, I said “all clean” again and picked him up from the table.  Before I set him back down, he looked right at me and repeated “aww cwean”.  It was clear as day to me, however to someone else, he or she may have not agreed.  I said “all clean” again and heard a little parrot repeat “awwww cwean”.  I said the phrase again and hear Toby giggle after he says the two words, even though this time it sounded more like “aa keen”.  I teared up instantly because for some reason I felt like this was the first time I was hearing him say words.  Actual words.  Hearing him yell “go, go, go” is funny but most of the time I still feel like he’s just practicing “g” syllables.  But to hear him repeat me and have it be so obvious in what he was expressing…well, let’s just say it made up for a whole week’s worth of meltdowns.  Maybe this age isn’t so tough after all.


And of course I tried to take a video of him saying it and he got camera shy.  I’ll have to be sneaky about it and try again this weekend :)

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