Thursday, July 18, 2013

Toby: 13 Months!

Feels like we were just celebrating his first birthday yesterday…which reminds me I need to write up his birthday recap posts soon before I forget more details!

This month has been exciting to see him interact differently with his toys.  Instead of just touching things and shoving stuff in his mouth, he actually tries to figure out what each toy does now.  For instance, he knows how to put the plastic CD’s in his music player, though he does need a little assistance sometimes.  And if he doesn’t get help right away, he gets frustrated.  The lack of patience definitely comes from me.  He also understands that he can puts his blocks through the shape sorter top and that other toys in his play kitchen go through certain slots.  His hand coordination just isn’t there all the way yet.  He can stack his rings now, which I was so proud of when I saw him do that the first time.  He loves the positive reinforcement – each time he does something on his own, I exclaim “yay!!!” and clap my hands, and then he gives a huge smile. 


Other big milestone has been the first words!  “Go, go, go” is what we finally realized he was saying, so I think “Go” is the first official word.  Other than that, we think he also tries to say “good” but not much else is comprehendible at this point.  Although, I swear he tells me “okay” sometimes.

Moving on to the not so fun stuff.  People keep telling me this age is the best, but the attitude and temper tantrums are really getting to me.  I feel like the bulk of my day is now spent cleaning up messes and thinking of new ways to avoid meltdowns instead of enjoying time with my son.  I never thought I would love the baby stage so much, but oh my gosh can we please rewind back to the 7 month old days?  Sigh.  Maybe things will get a little better when he can communicate more but right now my stress levels are at an ultimate high.


I’ve been desperate to meet other parents in the area so we signed up for a Gymboree class.  We did the free trial a few weeks ago and Toby seemed to have a good time.  It’s a big, open area with tons of things for him to climb on and explore.  The class is very laid-back and not structured, which is nice, since Toby would rather do things on his own than participate in singing songs on the floor.  The instructor will introduce a few new activities each week but isn’t forceful about making the kids try them.  Our membership includes open gym time so we will definitely take advantage of that to get out of the house.  I would like to take him outside more but it seems like his eczema is acting up again so we’ve been staying indoors on hot days.


Weight: Guessing he’s around 23 pounds?

Height: Probably still around 30 inches.


Medical Issues:  Well, his eczema really only cleared up for the spring months and now it’s back, mostly on the inside of his elbows and knees.  Using the Aveeno Eczema lotion and hydrocortisone cream again.

Sleep: Back to normal with sleeping til 6:30ish in the morning.  First nap from 9:30-11, second nap from 2:30-4, but some days those times are off by 15-30 minutes.  He hasn’t been fighting naps as much, so I guess all the walking and running around makes him tired.  In bed by 7:45pm, but some nights he does cry for 10 minutes and needs us to go back in.  Very rare when we have to wait another 10 minutes and go back in.


Clothes/Diapers: Wearing 12 month shorts and some 12 month onesies still fit.  Moved up to 12-18 month rompers, one-pieces, and pj’s this past month.  Sneakers are a size 4, sandals are a size 3.  Still wearing 4’s in regular and overnight diapers.

Diet: Drinking all whole milk now – 5oz when he wakes up, 4oz after he wakes up from each nap, then 6oz right before bed.  Still doing bottles…sigh, that’s a battle I’m just not ready to fight yet.  He will drink water out of a sippy or straw cup with each meal, though.  Hasn’t been too picky this past month, except with fruit.  I’ve cut raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and watermelon all into little pieces and he refuses to put one piece in his mouth or let me feed him a piece.  However, he will eat watermelon if I hold it in a big slice for him and he will bite off small chunks.  So we’re still doing purees for fruits that way he at least gets a couple servings a day.  New favorites are hummus with pita bread and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Baby Gear Love: Sing-With-Me CD Player, Laugh & Learn Kitchen, blocks, ring stack.


Milestones: Can run without tripping or stumbling (most of the time).  Learned how to take rings off and stack them back on.  First official word: Go!

Likes: Wheels.  Particularly on his stroller or other strollers.  Still loves reading and going through books.  Pushing the ottoman around the living room.  Playing with swaddle blankets (likes them draped over his head and playing peek-a-boo).  Going through all the kitchen cabinets and taking stuff out.  Playing with my cookbooks.  Pushing the kitties’ water dish around.  Helping me vacuum.  Watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (but usually only the introduction song and the first five minutes, then he gets bored and will play until he hears the ending song come on).

Dislikes: When Daddy leaves in the morning.  Shutting the bathroom or basement door.  Or the dishwasher door.  Or the fridge door.  Diaper changes.  Putting pj’s on.  Being picked up after being allowed to roam around. 


Things I don’t want to forget: How he started giggling when he realized he could push the foot rest up on his stroller (he was out of the stroller, touching the front wheels, and figured out he could do this when me and Auntie took him to the town beach).  How hard he laughed when he realized he could rip paper towels apart (that left a fun mess in the bathroom).  How he will chase Ellie around the living room and then look for her when she hides under the couch.  How he snuggles more now, especially when he’s tired.  How he knows it’s time to go to the gate or be picked up when you say “is it naptime?  is it bedtime?  is is time for a bath?”.

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  1. He's so freaking cute!
    Have you tried giving him a piece of food on a fork? Sometimes when Noah refuses to eat, that's how I get stuff in him. Something about utensils... he loves LOL.
    I'm so glad you have a Gymboree class! That's so fun!

    I think this age is so much more fun and so much more frustrating because the kids can't TELL us what they want! They get mad and frustrated and then we do too. Baby sign has helped some in that department but man, I agree. This age is TOUGH sometimes!


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