Monday, July 1, 2013


Laughing…at Toby walking around in little circles until he gets dizzy and falls down.  He think it’s hilarious and so do we.  Also laughing at the fact he cracks himself up every time he hears himself toot!  It’s like he’s thinking “who did that?  Oh, I did!”.  I am such a 7 year old boy with farts so I die every time he does it.

Grateful for…family helping us out while Hubby had to get his appendix out last Thursday.  It was SO stressful and worrisome being stuck home while he was in the hospital overnight and we had no idea what was wrong.  I didn’t know if I should call people at that point or what to do for Toby’s care.  I haven’t found it too hard to balance the roles of mom and wife until last week, and boy, it was tough to say the least.  If anything, we have learned we need a better emergency plan put into place!

Loving…my Scentsy business!  Seriously, it’s nice to say I actually like what I’m doing for once for a “job”.  I say job in quotations because it really doesn’t feel like I’m working.  Selling Scentsy gives me something to do besides just housework and mom stuff and I’ve really enjoyed doing the home parties.  And I’ve been to do some crafts, as well, and use up some of my old scrapbooking supplies.  Bringing home a paycheck has been really important to me and I’m glad I found something that can be so flexible.

Wishing…it wasn’t July 1st already.  How is this summer flying by so fast?  Not ready for July 4th this week.

Thinking about…how lucky I am to have a healthy kid.  Some people don’t have it as easy and I have to remind myself of that each day.

Struggling with…getting Toby to wean off the bottles.  He’s just about transitioned fully onto whole milk but he does not like drinking it out of a sippy or straw cup.  Only wants water out of a sippy.  I don’t think we’re ready to get rid of bottles cold turkey yet as I want to make sure he does actually drink some milk each day.  He’s such a big kid with everything else but the bottles!  No pacifiers, no blankies or loveys…just loves his bottles.

Working on…getting more mom friends in the area.  We tried out a Gymboree class last week and we have another trial class at a different gym next week.  Both gyms offer a 12:30 class that works well with the 2 nap schedule or else I would have just gone back to yoga again.  Here’s hoping we meet new people and can start some playdates soon!


picture taken 6/12/13

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  1. Good luck with the bottles momma! I had to try several different sippies to get Noah to like one. He'll use just about anything now but if any of them had thin straws, no dice. :/


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