Sunday, July 29, 2012

Toby - Weekly Post: Week 6

Weight: Was 8.13 last week, hoping he’s closer to 9 by now.

Height: 22.5 inches

Medical Issues: Still some baby acne. 

Sleep: Getting much better with falling asleep on his own at night.  Just need to work on napping more in his crib or pack n’ play instead of relying on the swing.

Clothes/Diapers Sizes: I think I’ll be officially packing the newborn stuff away this week – finally!

Diet: Just breastmilk.  Trying to increase from 3 ounces to 3.5 ounces when we give him bottles and usually he will drink the whole thing.

Baby Gear Love: Nothing new this week.

Milestones/Firsts: More little smiles.  Recognizes both our voices now and seems to notice our faces more, as well.

Likes: Starting to use the activity mat more.  He will just stare up and move some of the hanging things with his hands when he flails them around.

Dislikes: Ugh more fussiness in the evenings.  He’s basically a total crankypants from about 7 til 10 every evening.  I think he’s going through a growth spurt so the only way to calm him down is for him to nurse ALL evening.  Unfortunately this has been stressful and draining for me.  I don’t have enough milk pumped to give him bottles all evening so this has been a work in progress.  Hopefully it ends in the next couple weeks. 

Postpartum – Mommy: Is it bad that I look forward to the weekends now because I get to shower in peace (and not have to open the shower curtain every couple minutes to check on Toby in his chair)?  Oh and I used to hate grocery shopping – I love going now because it means 90 minutes all to myself.


Hung out with Auntie and did a Target run, so of course he had to wear an Auntie’s outfit:

photo (7)

Loving the activity mat (and BFF Maggie is hanging in the background):

photo (6)

Cuddling in the Ergo at Daddy’s work outing/picnic:

photo (3)

Serious face:

photo (5)

And a little smile:

photo (4)



  1. What a cute little guy. I also look forward to the weekends. I get to sleep in an hour longer and also get to enjoy relaxed showers.

  2. Ugh, he's so cute! I just now packed away NOah's newborn clothes. Hahaha


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