Saturday, July 7, 2012

Toby – Weekly Post: Week 3


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Weight: Was 8 pounds at his 2 week appointment – guessing he’s at least 8 and 1/2 now?

Height: Born 19.5 inches, not sure now.

Medical Issues: Cord stump finally fell off!  We also were dealing with a lot of spit-up when we started him on bottles last weekend but we switched to the Playtex slow flow nipples with the drop-in liners and they work MUCH better.  Still spits up once in a while, but it’s not as bad with the Medela bottles.

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Sleep: When you finally get him to sleep, he’s great.  But getting him to fall asleep without crying in his crib takes forever…usually a good 30 minutes at least.  We’ve tried doing a bath at night which has backfired, we try nursing right before but for some reason he gets more awake towards the end, we try rocking in the glider, and then the last two nights I’ve tried playing his sleep sounds machine.  Still a work in progress.

Clothes/Diapers Sizes: Newborn for clothes, 1’s for diapers.

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Diet: Just breastmilk.  Luckily he’s had no problems with going back and forth between bottles and the boob.  Usually he has one bottle around 7ish at night that Daddy gives him.

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Baby Gear Love: Playtex bottles with the drop-in liners and the breast pump so Mommy gets a break once in a while!  Also the Ergo carrier and infant insert – we tried them out this week and he loves being carried in them.

Milestones/Firsts: Forgot to mention in the 2 week update he had a bottle for the first time on Sat 6/30.  First 4th of July!   First real bath was this past week, too – he hated it.  First time Auntie Hil babysat on Sat 7/7 (Mommy and Daddy went to see Ted).

Likes: Eating.  Being carried in the Ergo.

photo (22)

Dislikes: Loves car rides but isn’t loving the whole process of getting into the car seat.  Not a fan of baths but loves cuddling in the soft hooded towels after.

Postpartum – Mommy: Weight loss has slowed down, so I’m assuming the remaining pounds won’t come off until I start working out again/watching what I eat better.  I’m waiting for my 6 week check-up before I start using the treadmill again.  Still having a love/hate relationship with breastfeeding.  This week was frustrating as I think he was going through a growth spurt so some days I felt like he was eating every 90 minutes instead of every 3-4 hours. 


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