Monday, July 16, 2012

Toby: 1 Month!

Eeeeek how the hell do I already have a one month old?!  People do not kid when they say time flies with a baby!  Month 1 has been definitely an adjustment.  The first week we were getting used to be home with just us, then the second week we experimented a lot with going out and taking Toby places.  The third week he had a lot more cranky moments and was testing us quite a bit.  The fourth week we’ve been working to figure out his cues more and determine what’s actually making him cry.  Most of the time we’ve been able to figure it out :)  The hardest is when he’s overtired…he fights going to sleep and gets more and more fussy until he finally tires himself out. 

Best moments have been seeing him check out his surroundings more and start looking around to follow voices and sounds.  I also love getting him in the morning and taking him out of the swaddle – the way he stretches is SO cute, how he arches his back, puts his hands into little fists, and scrunches up his face.  His hiccups and sneezes are also adorable.  I don’t want him to get in the habit of sleeping on our chests for naps, but he’s so innocent and sweet when he snoozes that it’s hard to put him down in his crib or pack n’ play. He will pull his legs up like a frog and try to curl in a little ball.

Maggie and Ellie are getting more used to him and come up frequently if he’s on the floor in his car seat or doing tummy time to sniff his feet.  Maggie even let him “pet” her (with the assistance of Mommy) but I don’t think she was that happy with it.  Ellie still doesn’t like when he cries, but she will at least stay in the same room now.  Both of them completely ignore the crib, so at least we haven’t had to worry about them jumping in there.


Weight: Assuming he’s getting closer to 9 pounds but I could be totally wrong.

Height: Definitely getting longer as his newborn clothes are getting too short now.

Medical Issues: Not really an “issue” but he is so gassy – as in he farts all the time…and they are stinky!  Also dealing with some eczema on his face (or maybe it’s baby acne?) 

Sleep: Eh this past week has been so-so…some nights he goes down right away in his crib with no rocking and other nights he needs to rock a little.  We are trying to do a routine every night now – bath, put on new diaper, cuddle in a hooded towel for a few, put on lotion, dress in sleep clothes, nurse, turn on white noise machine, swaddle, give pacifier and put in crib.  I’m just worried doing a bath every night will dry out his skin, but we really do think they help calm him down.


Clothes/Diapers Sizes: He’s in an awkward stage where newborn stuff is getting too tight and too short, but a lot of 0-3 stuff is still roomy or too long.  He’ll just be wearing baggy stuff for the next couple weeks until he finally gets chunky!  Still a 1 for diapers.

Diet: Just breastmilk.  Pretty sure he had another growth spurt or two this week as some days he would want to eat every 90 minutes to 2 hours instead of 3 hour spans.

Baby Gear Love: Nothing new this week.

Milestones/Firsts: First trip to Fall River on 7/8.  First blow-out diaper on Tues 7/10 (ugh it was horrible and all over my pj’s, tank top, and Boppy cover).  Attended first baby shower (for his birthday twin, Weston) on Sun 7/15.  Starting to find his fingers/hands but not sucking on any fingers yet.  He’s also very alert when he’s awake.  Starting to follow noises – if he hears something, his eyes will move to try to see what’s going on.  Also not a milestone but the white dots on his nose are disappearing and his eyelashes show more now.  I think he will be smiling soon – he’s given a few tiny smirks that I don’t think were gas related.


Likes: Loves looking over shoulders to check out his surroundings.  And starting to like baths more – he still cries at the beginning but towards the end he is calm and quiet.

Dislikes: Being in one position for too long – he would rather keep moving around.

Postpartum – Mommy: This past week was rough and stressful – especially Friday when he was cranky and crying ALL day.  Luckily we had a good weekend to help make up for it and Daddy helped out a LOT :)


Still so tiny compared to the lion!


And the classic pout face…both Hubby and my mom say he gets this from me.  Don’t like to admit it, but I know it’s true.  We are going to be in so much trouble with this face when he’s older and wants something:




  1. Oh my goodness! He is so cute...I can't believe he is already 1 month! Where has the time gone? Look at those tiny little legs :)

  2. Adorable! One month already ... wow.

  3. Hard to believe it's already been a month! He's such a cutie.

  4. So adorable! Molly is in the in-between clothes stage, too. I've found that Koala Baby clothes from Babies R Us in size 0-3 months fit her now. Her newborn stuff is too big, and some of the 0-3 month stuff is either too big or too small. The Koala Baby clothes fit pretty good!


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