Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Recipe Review – Chicken Enchilada Pockets

Another food blog I check out frequently is Dashing Dish.  She has some great ideas for smaller dishes, desserts, and appetizers.  I wanted to see if any of her recipes could work for a dinner meal so I decided to try the Chicken Enchilada Pockets.  As I was gathering the ingredients, I didn’t realize how similar the mixture is to the Creamy Chicken Taquitos I make.  I knew these would be a hit with Hubby :)

After reviewing the ingredients needed, I decided to do more of a “taco” mixture instead of the enchilada recipe.  Instead of enchilada sauce, I used salsa, and instead of enchilada mix, I used our Wildtree Taco Seasoning.  I also used four wedges of the Chipotle Laughing Cow cheese instead of regular cream cheese.  And last but not least I also added in about 1/3 cup of rinsed black beans. 

Week19 006

The end result was really, really good – the chicken and cheese mixture with flaky crescent rolls is perfect together.  The issue I had was trying to fill the rolls before baking.  I guess I forgot how small crescent rolls are, so you really can’t fit that much in them.  I got frustrated with the last 4 rolls so I decided to combine two of the rolls together to make a larger piece.  Hence the “monster” pockets I ended up with :)  We each had a monster pocket and a regular one and I was stuffed afterwards. 

Next time I would probably end up buying the larger crescent rolls that I saw in the grocery store or continue to go with my method of just combining two regular rolls together.  Also, I would shred the chicken instead of chopping so it’d be easier to fill with the rest of the mixture.  These will definitely be going into our rotation – 9 out of 10!


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  1. these look so good!!! except my new cheese discovery is going to be a problem--lol


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