Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Musings – Preggo Thoughts

Ever since we announced we were expecting, there have been a few things that people have to said to me that have rubbed me the wrong way, but I’ve learned to just brush those comments off.  However, the single most thing that has bugged me so far is when someone say to me “you’re not even showing yet!”.  Sigh.  This is the LAST thing a preggo lady wants to hear.  Sure, I bet I’ll be complaining at 35 weeks to not tell me “oh my gosh, you’re huge, I can’t believe you’re not due for another month!”  But for right now, at least pretend I’m showing or don’t say anything at all. 

Granted, this was a few weeks ago before the bump was really noticeable.  However, I thought I started showing at like 11 weeks.  I was bloated, none of my pants fit, and my shirts were getting tighter.  So I just assumed that everyone else could tell, too.  Looking back at pictures, I understand why it didn’t look like I was truly showing then.  Though, it made me wonder if people just always thought I had that big of a tummy?  I wasn’t small to begin with, but seriously!  It was much flatter before I hit the 10 week mark.  

But even just last week, I’ve had people say “I still can’t tell”.  Please don’t tell that to my face.  Tell me “you look great!”  or “I love that new shirt!” or just lie if you have to.  First, it’s so awkward to come back with something to that statement.  So far, I’ve said “oh, it must be what I’m wearing”.  And second, in my preggo mind I MOST CERTAINLY DO have a bump!  At this point since I haven’t felt Baby C moving much, the bump is really the only sign I have of my pregnancy right now besides the weight gain.  And you telling me I’m not showing makes me feel like a huge fat whale instead of a cute pregnant lady.

RANT OVER!  I’m sure there will be more of these to come… :)  And because I hate posting without a picture, here’s a happier Monday Musing:




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