Sunday, January 15, 2012

Damn Cats

May 22 295

Hi.  My name is Maggie.  And while I may look cute and innocent, I’m far from it.  My newest obsession?  Pushing full glasses of drinks off Mom’s nightstand.  It’s my favorite new hobby.  I love watching it spill everywhere and the best part is I never have to clean it up!  I’m just preparing Mom and Dad for all the messes they will have to pick up once Baby C gets here ;)



  1. Hello again ....
    Oh no, I totally get how you feel about your cat. My cat nibbles on cords or cables when she doesn't get her way. I have to put her on time out (in the laundry room) when she misbehaves. Very irritating but I love her to death. She's my girl.

  2. are you sure you want carpets...maybe hardwood floors with area rugs--haha

  3. and she makes Angel super allergic!


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