Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Missing Mexico

Sorry for the lack of posts lately…been very busy and also got a nasty cold that knocked me on my butt for a week.  I haven’t been sick with a cold for over a year and of course I come down with one days before we supposed to leave for vacation.  Luckily I was feeling almost 100% normal by the time we left, but my ears did have some issues with refusing to pop while we were on the plane. 

But my sinuses seemed to dry right up once we got to our fabulous resort in sunny MEXICO!  It was a great week – amazing food, very welcoming staff, fun excursions and overall a relaxing time to celebrate our one year anniversary.  I’ll do a longer post later on, but here’s a sneak peek of our vacation:

May 22 109Starting the morning off right with a Coco Loco at the swim-up bar

May 22 146  Our room’s entrance was on the right…we had an awesome view of the beach

May 22 124Anniversary dessert

May 22 181Excursion to Tulum

May 22 158 That’s about all the color I got…gotta love having fair skin prone to sunburn

Of course we are very sad to be back, though, I did miss cuddling with the kitties.   There was actually a cat at the resort that snuck onto the porch outside of the Italian restaurant we ate dinner at the last night before we left.  She was cute but very scrawny, which made my heart break a little.  She loved attention and was waiting for everyone to share some table scraps.  I should have a taken a picture of her.

Worse part about coming back...getting used to counting calories again.  Ugh I gained 5.1 pounds in 7 days!  Very discouraging, but I knew it was going to happen because of all those damn mudslides I enjoyed at the bar.  I’m hoping that going back to a normal, low-cal diet will help shed them quickly this week as I was halfway to my weight loss goal right before we left.  And this is also the reason why you may be wondering why we’re eating so much chicken lately on the Weekly Menus :) 


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