Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Maine Wedding: Rehearsal Dinner

Not much to say about the rehearsal dinner except we had good food, my hubby gave a very thoughtful speech thanking everyone, and we ended the night by giving gifts to our wedding party.  I ate just a little as I didn’t want my stomach to be upset all night, but everyone else said the food was pretty flavorful.

The restaurant we had the dinner at let us make a smaller menu for our guests to choose from – here’s a copy of the menu I made up.  This was printed on white cardstock and then glued to another layer of teal cardstock.  This is my Publisher file as I don’t have an actual picture of the menu…the quality is not great but you get the idea :)


For the dinner invitations, I wanted to do something baseball related as we both enjoying watching the Boston Red Sox and going to games.  I made a ticket on Microsoft Publisher, printed them on white cardstock and then pasted them onto a red piece of cardstock.  They were cute and easy to put together and our guests loved the baseball theme.  They were the size of an actual ticket, but a little wider to fit all the information.



And now some pictures from the actual dinner…


 rehearsaldinner3 rehearsaldinner4


rehearsaldinner6  rehearsaldinnerspeech

After everyone was finished eating, we gave gifts to our wedding party.  For the guys, we gave them a medium-sized duffel bag and included a bottle of their favorite alcohol and a customized flask.  For the girls, I designed the tote bags shown in the picture below on VistaPrint.  Inside the tote was a jewelry box that included their wedding day jewelry I made.  I also gave them a little silver makeup bag filled with some travel-sized things.  A white pashima was included in case it was cold on the wedding day, so we would all have something matching to wear over our dresses, and silver flip-flops for dancing at the reception were also in the bag.  The other gifts not included in the totes were their wedding shoes and I also paid for their hair styles the day of.


After the rehearsal dinner, Hubby went his separate way to the other hotel that him and some of the wedding party were staying at.  I went back to the inn with my girls, hung out for bit, and then organized all my name cards, menus, table names and other projects.  It was pouring outside and I remember hearing the rain pounding on the roof, which made me more and more nervous.  I hardly slept that night, as I had to pee every hour and my stomach was doing flips.  It was like being excited for the first day of school x 1000.  I know that Hubby wanted the tradition of staying in separate rooms the night before but I really wished we just stayed together as I was a nervous wreck and I think staying with him would have helped me actually sleep.  My advice would be sometimes it’s better to ignore traditions and just do your own thing :)  Oh well!

Next up…our day recapped in photos!


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