Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Craft Room Inspiration

Omg I want this desk.  Like NOW.


Best part…all the materials are from IKEA and Lowe’s.  I love how the legs are made from bookcases – tons of storage and enough depth to fit plenty of scrapbooks and photo albums.  And I really really really like how tall the desk is, as I would love an excuse to find a cute bar stool. 

Only problem with the height of this desk is I think we would have to move my crafting stuff from the spare bedroom to the loft as there are higher ceilings up there and more room so I could leave the desk out in the open instead of shoving it against a wall.  But then that means we need to purchase an air conditioner that doesn’t need a window for venting as it’s way too hot up there in the summer.  Hmmmm decisions, decisions… :)

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  1. love the desk concept!!! wicked cool idea....totally jealous if you find a place for it because I don't have a spot for something like that


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