Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Friday...let's have a drink!

For some reason I usually enjoy going out Friday nights instead of Saturday's just a good way to end the work week, which is usually crazy and non-stop.  Instead of going out tonight, we are staying in to pack as we are leaving for Florida way early tomorrow AM  for a few days (yay warm weather!).  I figured I would take a break from packing toiletries to think of something I can post each Friday to celebrate the end of the work week.

So at the end of each week, I'll be posting a drink recipe or review that we have either tried at home or a favorite drink we have had at a restaurant or bar.  This week's drink...

The Spider Cider Margarita

(I tried to find a picture of a real Spider Cider Margarita from the restaurant but Google gave me nothing...this is a random picture from the restaurant's website, but I can't be sure it;s an actual Spider Cider one as it wasn't labeled).  

We lovvveeee Margaritas.  They are a regional chain in New England and serve Mexican cuisine (duh).  We first started going whenever we were in Maine for a weekend trip.  Actually we had dinner at the Margaritas in Portland right before he proposed later that night.  They recently opened a restaurant close to us so we went last week for an early dinner after some Christmas shopping.

So they're a chain and probably not that authentic.  But Margaritas is one of the few Mexican restaurants that does not make me sick, which is why I enjoy going.  Their food is overall pretty decent.  They offer free chips and salsa.  And their margaritas are amazing...always delicious and made perfectly.

Their menu says they mix Tarantula Azul Tequila with Sour Apple schnapps to create the Spider Cider.  I feel like something else is in there, (probably some sour mix) but I guess that's all there is to it.  It's a little sour but not overwhelming.  I'm not a huge fan of apple-flavored drinks, but this does not bother me one bit.  It's most tasty served straight up on the rocks and the best is strong.  You can have one of these and get buzzed, so it's definitely worth the money. 

We did try making a cider type of margarita at home when I had a Lia Sophia party a few months ago, but it's definitely not the same recipe - Margarita's is simpler and has less ingredients.  I'm assuming you would do equal parts of the schnapps and tequila and then double the amount of the sour mix, but I'm no bartender ;-)

Happy Friday!

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