Monday, December 20, 2010

Hint, hint...

For the hubs...just so you know the right style this time ;-)  I know you try!

And oh my god I should not have gone to Vera's site.  I just found out some of my favorite patterns are retiring = ON SALE!  I'm really considering getting this now...

Yeah, that's a baby's not like we don't have any room to store it, we have more than enough closets in this place.  But it would probably end up jinxing me and we are not ready for little ones any time soon, although I'm sure Aunty Hil would be just overjoyed if it happened sooner than later :-)  Moving on...

I also loveeeeee this one...I could use a nice clutch.  I was always afraid to get this pattern in a larger print because it's base is white and I figured it would get dirty very quickly.  But if I get the clutch, then I won't be using it nearly as often so hopefully it would stay cleaner longer.

Okay, that's enough Vera for now.  Hopefully I get some moolah for Christmas this year or maybe I'll just be buying myself some presents after I get paid this week!

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