Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DIY Christmas Decorations - JOY Letters

A popular DIY project that a lot of the wedding blogs I follow(ed) was decorating wooden letters to display on the cake table or another spot where the guestbook would be. I didn't do this project mostly because I just had so much other stuff to do, but I do wish I had done something to decorate the tables a little more.

Like this is cute and simple:


Or for the cake table...


Do you think Hubby would let me hang these in our room?


I'm running out of wall space in our living and dining rooms or else I would try to think of a word to spell out in letters. For Christmas decorations, I do move a few things around, so I figured I would have enough room to hang a holiday type of word on the wall above our fireplace.

I decided on "Joy" since it's only 3 letters :) This was another really easy project - cost was about $5 for the three wooden letters and paint. I bought everything at Michael's and luckily their paints were on sale. I went with a champagne off-white and then a gold metallic.

Basically you just need to paint each letter whatever color you prefer and wait about 30-45 minutes between coats. I did 3 coats on each letter. To hang them on the wall, I used those 3M strips since they haven't ruined one of my walls yet (knock on wood)!

I like these so much I may just have to move some wall decorations around to make room for a year-round word...

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