Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Kitchen

We finally took the plunge and started our kitchen re-do a couple weeks ago.  The lovely 80’s white laminate cabinets and countertops were really bugging me and I knew we needed to get it done before we do list our house on the market in the future for re-sale purposes.  Since this isn’t our “forever home”, we decided to re-face the cabinet doors as there’s nothing wrong with the cabinets themselves.  When the salesman showed up to give an estimate, he said replacing countertops would be fairly inexpensive since our kitchen isn’t large.  We decided to go with new laminate countertops, as well, and they threw in a sink for free to complete the package.  We went through Home Depot and are pleased with the results.  I especially love the countertops – I actually prefer them to real granite!  They’re so easy to clean and I don’t feel like they show every little water drop and smear like shiny granite can.  Enough talk, here’s the pictures:




And the after:





It’s a big difference seeing it in person – the darker countertops have really helped to make it feel not so white!  We stuck with white cabinet doors as there’s no windows in the kitchen so it was important to keep it as light as possible in there.  The door handles and knobs are a dark brown brushed with a light brown accent to match the countertops.

Re-facing the cabinets meant a much shorter construction time in terms of the contractor actually being in our house (took about 2 1/2 days total), but it was still a pain emptying out the entire kitchen, moving the fridge into the dining room, and shutting off the water access in the kitchen for half a week.  Lots of take-out was had that week.  This is probably something we should have done before baby, but you live and learn! 

Now we just need to figure out what to do with the ugly striped wallpaper and nasty white backsplash.  Hoping we can do the tiling on our own…


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