Monday, April 22, 2013

Fun at the “Farm”

Auntie was interested in hanging out with Toby and I last week on one of her days off so I started researching some places to check out so we could spend time outside instead of being stuck in the house.  I have a Groupon for a butterfly place but we decided to save that for a rainy day.  I knew of a huge farm near us with lots of outdoor attractions (including a corn maze that Hubby and I explored a few years ago), but when I saw the admission price, we decided it was a little expensive.  Maybe when Toby’s walking on his own it would be worth it. 


So I started looking for other farms in the area with petting zoo’s and found one nearby that also has ice cream and a farm store.  They opened in March and don’t charge anything to check out their animals.  It’s definitely not a huge farm or anything but it was perfect for us.  When we went, only the goats were out but according to pictures on their Facebook page, it also looks like they have cows and horses.  We’ll have to go back soon to see the cows, considering Toby was laughing his little butt off at the goats.  As soon as I took him out of the stroller, he reached his hand out to “pet” one and then started giggling with his chicken cackle.  It was adorable! 



After we enjoyed some ice cream, but Toby’s still not a fan of how cold it is.  He was content with his carrot-mango puree and puffs :)  I can tell this summer is going to be a lot of fun since he interacts with so much of his surroundings now.  I’m already looking to see if we can budget zoo season passes. 







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