Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kitties and Babies– an Update

In the past month, Maggie has fallen in love with Toby. She has learned there’s just enough room for her when we’re sitting in the glider nursing. I will have Toby on one end of the Boppy and Maggie will be right by his head, resting on the glider’s arm. She even has nudged his head a few times with her head. I’d rather she get comfortable with him now while I can watch them carefully so I’m okay with it.

Toby has definitely started checking out the cats lately.  He watches them as they walk past him if he’s on the floor on his activity mat.  If we are holding Toby and one of the cats jumps up next to us on the couch, he will reach out to grab them.  He’s gotten a handful of Maggie’s fur a few times but she doesn’t seem to mind (yet).  Just wait until he realizes the ears and tails are even more fun to pull…

Ellie has even warmed up to him.  She will come up and say hi, though she always needs to do it on her terms. 

photo (6)

So we’ve been really lucky with the cats being great with Toby.  They’ve never scratched him, gotten angry with him or anything that shows they are being defensive.  However, they have acted out in other ways.  Food bowls have been knocked over numerous times.  The water bowl has been moved around the dining room, always leaving a puddle and trail of water behind it.  There has been poop in our tub…but I think that was them more pissed the litter boxes were absolutely disgusting and having nowhere to go.  The worst part has been the cord biting.  The cords to the first white noise machine, my phone charger, two laptop chargers, and the video monitor have been bitten (thank God we saved the video monitor one).  We’ve had to hide cords as best we can, which I guess is good since we started early baby-proofing. 

Our cats have always loved getting into stuff since we brought them home four years ago, but it’s been a little out of the control the past couple months.  I know it’s all about them getting less attention so I try to cuddle with them at night and make up for it.  Hopefully they get more adjusted soon…especially before Toby starts crawling!


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