Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Big Boy

Someone’s been trying out some of his big boy stuff lately…it’s nice to finally put these things together and have him be able to do more activities since he can hold his head up completely and his back is getting stronger for sitting, as well.

photo (5)

Highly recommend the Go-Pod!  So easy to put together and take apart, it packs up compactly, and there’s lots of links to attach toys to (and a couple cup-holders but he doesn’t use those yet).  We prop a blanket behind him since there’s a lot of room in the seat but you can tell he’s getting sturdier as the weeks go by.  Definitely an item we’ll be taking when we’re traveling to other people’s houses.  Now I set it up sometimes when I’m making dinner.  He’s gone from loving playing on his back to wanting to sit up and stand all the time, so this allows him to do that on his own.

photo (11)

And since he’s pretty good at sitting in his high chair, I think we’ll start some food next week!  His doctor recommended we stay away from bananas as they, um, tend to block things up and let’s just say Toby isn’t very regular.  I’m thinking pears are a good start since pureed prunes sound disgusting :)  I’m still not sure if we’ll do the baby cereal first before pears.  Lots of fun things to look forward to in the upcoming weeks!



  1. I love the Go Pod!! I have been thinking about getting one!

  2. I've never seen teh Go Pod. Neat! Will be checking into it pronto!

    Your little man is precious!!

  3. They actually love prunes!!! ~kayrn


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