Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Musings


Old Navy has some seriously cute clothes lately…and even though he received so many onesies and rompers at the shower, I may still do a little more shopping :)  For instance, this will be the story of me and Baby C’s life this summer…well he may have it a little easier than me, though…

image source

And I’m tempted to get this one, too, since he’ll be a little traveler.  We’re already planning a vacation to Maine when he’ll be about 2 months old:

image source

This one just make me LOL:

image source

Of course, no outfit would be complete without some flip-flops:

image source

Who said baby boy stuff wasn’t cute?  Haha I could go nuts with buying so many things for him :)  Luckily he was beyond spoiled at the shower – promise to post some recap pics this week!


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  1. The "Tiny Tourist" outfit is so adorable! That's my favorite one of the bunch.


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