Monday, April 23, 2012

“Ahoy, it’s a boy!” Nautical-Themed Baby Shower

Even though the invitations, venue, and food were BBQ themed, my sister and college roomie put a nautical spin on the cake, favors, and décor because Baby C’s nursery is full of boat decorations and beachy stuff and lots of navy blue.  I won’t do a lot of writing in this post and just let the pictures speak for themselves…everything came out so freakin’ cute, they did such a good job!

When the guests walked into the room reserved for us at the restaurant, they first saw the nautical clock I had registered for on, and then they were asked to decorate a sand dollar for Baby C’s nursery:



Next are the favors – they made chocolate lollipops in sailboat and whale molds and stuck them all in pails full of shells and decorated with anchor ribbon:



Some of the décor…lots of clothes and presents!



And now the best part…the cakes!  College roomie made these with some assistance from my sister:



Love them!  The one in the middle was covered with fondant and came out perfect – everyone thought a bakery made it.  And I’m still pretty impressed sista decorated one of the sailboats as she doesn’t have a lot of crafty skills ;)

So those were all the details and now here are some other pics:


Parents-to-be :)


Opening up a very long clothes line full of clothes – it ended up being twice as long as what’s shown!


Me and the college girls


Me and my fam


Auntie and Mommy-to-be

We were pretty lucky to receive just about everything we registered for with the exception of a few things.  While it was a little crazy having a lot of people at the shower and I felt guilty not being able to spend more time with everyone, we were very thankful that our friends and family were so good to Baby C.  And everyone kept telling me last week how much fun they had and they liked how it was co-ed.  I think it made everyone feel more comfortable since they could talk and mingle at the tables, and I felt better being up in the front opening presents with hubby since we all know I’m such a big fan of attention…notttttt :)  Everyone is really excited for Baby C to get here…less than 2 months to go!



  1. Very cute! I love the nautical theme.

  2. You know I love the nautical stuff!! SO CUTE! Hope you got a lot of good stuff. ;)

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful shower! I'm recapping mine now!


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