Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sixth Month – Losing It!

Not a lot to report this month…the pounds are barely coming off at this point so I’m not sure how much more weight I will lose unless I start working out a lot more.  I know I should be more active but it’s just a matter of following through at this point.

I’m SO close to 30 pounds total.  Weighed myself this AM and I’m officially down 29.8.  I know, it’s close enough to 30, but I want to actually see that number on the scale for it to be real.  I’m 6.2 pounds away from my weight loss goal but I have to be honest in thinking I won’t get there. 

With holidays coming up soon, I wonder how I’ll survive this year?  Last year was a complete downfall for me – I pigged out at every party and went out of control with cookies and pies and all the other good “cold weather” treats.  I remember my realization of how I needed to be healthy again was when I weighed myself Christmas Day.  I think the next few months are going to be rough…and I’m really hoping I can just stay at the weight I’m at now at least.

Well this was a pretty negative post, so let’s end with a few positives.  I think I’m officially down a pants size – all the jeans and dress pants I have purchased within the past few weeks are a size lower than what I normally wear.  It’s just frustrating depending upon the store – because sometimes I’m still in my normal size and then other times I’m not.  I did receive a ton of compliments on the form-fitting dress I wore to a wedding on Saturday – I know the results are showing but I still want to keep losing.


  • Down 2 pounds since last month
  • Down 29.8 pounds total since March 27th


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