Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Maine Wedding: Ceremony Part 1

I haven’t shown any pictures of the invitation or programs yet, so here are a few teasers.  I will do a more detailed post on these at the end since everything was DIY.

ProfWeddingPictures 048



To set the scene, next up are some photos of the ceremony location and details.  We first saw our venue in February 2009 and even though there was dirty snow all over the ground and boats in the parking lot, we knew this was the perfect setting for our coastal Maine wedding.  I did not do a ton of ceremony decorations as the beautiful views were plenty to take in and I didn’t want to distract from them.


Guest photo – York Harbor, Maine


Guest photo – ceremony location overlooking the harbor

ProfWeddingPictures 138

A couple of Sista’s friends helped passed out ceremony programs

ProfWeddingPictures 142

Our florist used small silver pails filled with hydrangea and roses to line the aisles.

ProfWeddingPictures 136

The DIY unity candle waiting to be lit


I remember anxiously waiting in the main house of the inn for our officiant to let us know it was time.  I drank a small cup of water but decided not to have anything more since I already had the nervous pee dance going on.  I heard the music start for the grandparents and Hubby’s parents to walk into the ceremony and realized that this day was finally here; everything we had planned and worked on for over a year was finally coming together.

ProfWeddingPictures 148ProfWeddingPictures 151ProfWeddingPictures 152  

And then the song changed to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole.


I watched each one of my girls slowly walk out of the house and down the stairs, being careful not to fall :)

ProfWeddingPictures 161ProfWeddingPictures 163

ProfWeddingPictures 164ProfWeddingPictures 166

After Sista MOH walked out, a guest closed the doors to the inn so my parents and I could make a grand entrance.  I waited for what seemed like forever for the song to change over and as soon as I heard the acoustic guitar melody start, I knew it was time.

Next up: Ceremony Part 2!


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