Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Third Month - Losing It!

I technically should have weighed myself and did this post yesterday since I’m tracking months by the 27th, but this is close enough.  I weighed in this AM and I’ve stayed consistent since Saturday so I am making it official…I’ve lost 20.6 pounds since 3/27!  20 down…20 down!!!  I really can’t believe that number, but it feels SO good to write. 

I was looking at my old pictures to see if the difference is that noticeable…so here’s a pic from our trip to Florida last December.  It was probably when I was at my heaviest as it was right before the holidays:

Randoms 151

And here’s a pic taken a couple weeks ago:


I know I’ve lost some weight, but it definitely doesn’t feel like a whole twenty pounds.  I can see that my cheeks are no longer super chubby and my chest is looking smaller (which is a good thing!), but I don’t see much else other than those differences in the pictures.  Though, I have noticed a lot of other changes this past month.  Lots of positives:

  • My favorite pair of jeans fit and they look good – no muffin top whatsoever :)
  • Last fall I bought a new pair of jeans that were just a little too tight…they were supposed to be my motivation to get in shape by the winter.  Well, it took much longer, but those jeans finally fit and I love them.
  • I am comfortable wearing shorts again…no need to wear stretchy skirts every day.
  • I went to Dress Barn last week to stock up on dresses for the weddings this summer and tried on everything in my normal size and they all zipped with no problem.  And one dress I bought a size down from what I normally wear.
  • I can run at 5.5 mph for almost an entire song on my Gym playlist…I’m slowly building up my endurance but it’s really amazing how much longer I can run now and not feel like I’m going to collapse on the treadmill.
  • I have lost 8.2 pounds since 5/27, so I managed to get back to losing an average of 2 pounds a week again.

So here’s all my stats:

  • Started 3/27 w/counting calories on LoseIt.com
  • 4/27 - Down 9.8 pounds
  • 5/27 - Down another 2.6 pounds, 12.4 total
  • 6/27 – Down another 8.2 pounds, 20.6 total

Some adjustments I have made:

  • I started using “light” or “reduced fat” ingredients in my cooking instead of “fat-free”.  I’m trying to cut back on all the fake sugar and fat-free products are just loaded with them.  While light ingredients have slightly more calories, they typically don’t have all the added sugar so I’ve adjusted my recipes.
  • I sometimes take a day off on the weekends and don’t track calories, especially when we have gone to a BBQ or friend’s for the day, but I’ve managed to stay on track and not overindulge.
  • I love love love the Bolthouse Farm salad dressings – they are made with yogurt so they’re naturally healthy, and they’re very creamy so I like them better than normal dressings.  I also eat Bolthouse’s carrot chips – for some reason, I like them better than baby carrots.


image source

Things I need to work on for next month:

  • I need to work more on weightlifting and toning.  I’m doing well with cardio but I need to start firming up!
  • Continue with drinking more water at work.
  • Keep eating fruit in the AM with my oatmeal at work – I’ve been slacking with this lately.
  • Get used to eating Greek yogurt…I hate it alone but I’m trying to sneak it into smoothies since it’s much more nutritious than the Light N’ Fit yogurts I was previously eating.
  • I have decided to increase my weight loss goal to 35 pounds total (was originally 30)…let’s see how I do for next month!



  1. I found that if I put fruit and a little bit of Grape Nuts cereal on top of Greek Yogurt it tasted a lot better to me! Alone it's too tangy. I also use it as a substitute for sour cream on tacos and things like that.

    Sounds like you're doing great with the weight loss!

  2. It's funny, just this past week someone else told me to use some granola and add it on top of greek yogurt - so it sounds like I need to do this :) Thanks!


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