Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Yup, little man turned two last week!  I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m pretty sure the second year flew by faster than the first twelve months.  He is a full-on toddler whose personality is emerging more and more each day.  He is testing our patience all the time and throwing tantrums left and right.  Gotta love the terrible two’s.  And my co-workers keep telling me the three’s just get even tougher – joy!  On a positive note, it is really cool seeing Toby understand so many more things and add words to his vocabulary.  He is saying two and three word phrases, although sometimes he talks so fast, the words just get all smushed together.  I have to get a video of him saying “Everybody, clean up” because his voice is hilarious when he says that phrase. 


Catch up time with the stats:

Weight: He went to the doctor on his birthday not for a regular check-up but for a sick visit…had a bad cough and ended up even having an ear infection we had no idea he had.  Anyways he was 26.4 pounds.

Height: He will be measured at his two-year visit this Friday.  When we measured him at Storyland a couple weeks ago, he was about 33 or 34 inches.

Medical Issues: Seasonal allergies definitely affected him this year, so in April he was coughing a lot, had a runny nose and puffy eyes for a couple weeks.  Children’s Zyrtec seemed to clear it up.  His eczema is coming back a little on his arms but I remember that happening last year in the same spots when the weather got warmer.  He’s had a couple colds/fevers, a tummy bug, and the ear infection since I last updated in December.  Seems like a lot but none of the illnesses lasted for too long.


Sleep: I would say 5 nights a week he sleeps straight through the night and we don’t hear a peep from him.  There’s usually a couple nights a week when he will wake up randomly screaming, so we assume he has bad dreams now.  And then with his allergies, he was coughing a ton at night so that didn’t help.  Naps are good, he is still taking a 1.5-2.5 hour nap each day usually from 12:30-2:30ish. 

Clothes/Diapers: Skinny-waisted boy is in 18-24 month shorts (so glad I saved them since he never grew into them last summer).  He wears 2T for shirts, 6’s for shoes, and 4’s in day diapers, 5’s in overnight diapers.

Diet: Ugh definitely pickier than he has been.  He has an opinion on what he wants to eat now and we’ll go through days where he eats tiny bits and pieces and then will eat and eat and eat the next day to make up.  We basically go through the same five or six dinners each week on rotation, it’s pretty annoying.  He will eat spaghetti w/turkey meatballs, English muffin or bagel pizzas (no peppers can be on it anymore, though), Firefly’s Mac & Cheese (not Annie’s or any other kind), ground turkey for tacos, black bean quesadillas, and homemade chicken nuggets.  I rarely get to try making anything new unless I have a back-up plan or leftovers ready for him.  Sometimes he will surprise me and eat carrots, but most of the time he refuses veggies.  Is 50/50 with eating PB & J’s and peanut butter in general.  Loves fruit, yogurt, bagels w/cream cheese, pancakes, bacon, and “eggies”.  Eats Goldfish crackers, fruit/veggie pouches, cereal bars and “chips” (dried fruit chips) for snacks.  Refused to eat cake on his birthday but LOVES “fri yo” (frozen yogurt).  We were doing Fro Yo Fridays for a treat for the past month or so.  Still doesn’t like juice so he just drinks whole milk, water and smoothies.


Likes: Closing and opening any types of doors, taking covers on and off of bowls, cups, etc.  Playing with anything that has wheels.  Hiding toys, taking them out, hiding them again and doing this same process for 20 minutes. Playing outside – loves the park and exploring.  Reading!  Lots of reading.  Oh my god and how did I almost forget the VACCUUM.  He’s obsessed.  This is a phase that’s been going on for four months now and is probably not going to end anytime soon. He has his own play one now because I couldn’t deal with him asking for me to take out the big one every ten seconds.

Dislikes: Being naked – not sure if he’ll be one of those kids who refuses to wear clothes.  He always wants a shirt and shorts on!  And of course he hates being told no, knows when we try to distract him and move him onto another activity, gets frustrated when something doesn’t go his way, etc, etc, etc. 


Milestones: Huge language explosion a week or two after he turned 18 months and then again once he started daycare in February.  Easily has over 100 words in his vocabulary now that his consistently says.  He can walk up and down the stairs by himself using the railing, though it still scares the crap out of me.  He can almost jump up and down using both feet at the same time.  Uses forks and spoons on a regular basis though sometimes he prefers to still use his hands.

Things I don’t want to forget: this is going to have be a separate post because there’s so much that’s happened in the past few months!

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