Friday, September 27, 2013

Toby: 15 Months!

This update is more than 10 days late but that’s not a huge shocker.  I feel like I can’t catch up with anything lately, mostly because of the colds we’ve been battling in this house.  Two colds in less than three weeks is a bummer, but at least Toby handles them well.  You would never know he was sick except for his runny nose.  The first time I thought he was just teething but then I had a sore throat the next day and knew we both coming down with something.  I’m not really surprised we’ve been sick considering we’ve been going to Gymboree, yoga, swim lessons, and playdates. Yay germs!


Yoga was a last minute addition to our fall schedule but the instructor was offering a good discount so I figured why not.  He’s been pretty shy for the first half hour of class and then slowly warms up so I think this is good for him to experience another atmosphere with other adults and kids. I’ve noticed he checks other kids out a little more than he used to, but he would still rather do his own thing. Gymboree is going really well – he loves his teacher, always stops when she starts to sign a song and stares at her like he’s trying to understand every word.  He is also clapping his hands a lot more since they do that so much in gym.  The only downside about Gymboree is that he has learned to climb over and onto EVERYTHING. The chairs, ottoman, coffee table are all fair game in our house, and he can climb onto the sofa if he uses your legs for support. I’d be fine with the climbing if he wasn’t so insistent about standing and jumping on everything…


Other major difference this month is the pickiness with food phase has started.  He still eats breakfast and lunch well (minus lunch meat), but he is usually refusing what we make for dinner a good four or five nights a week.  He wouldn’t even eat Annie’s Mac & Cheese the other night because I tried to be sneaky and added in some peas.  Sigh.  I’m going to have to be creative with having more healthy snacks on hand because if he refuses to eat dinner then I have nothing else to give him!


Weight: 22.5 pounds – only gained a few ounces from his 12 month appointment.  The nurse seemed to be worried about it but his doctor said it’s totally fine and wasn’t concerned.  Go figure.  Somewhere between 25th-50th percentile…can’t remember what the papers said.

Height: 32 inches tall. Another reason why he didn’t gain much weight is because he grew two inches in three months. (I have a feeling she may have measured him a little too tall, though). Anyways he’s back up to the 70th-something percentile for height.

Medical issues: Two colds this past month, definitely getting molars in (doctor said they’re ready to break through any day). Eczema is okay.


Sleep: Schedule is usually wake up around 6:30am, nap from 11:45-1:30ish, in the crib for bed by 7:15 or 7:30.  Last week he napped for THREE hours and I couldn’t believe it – but now looking back at it, I think that’s when he was coming down with the second cold. Usually he averages 1.5-2 hours for a nap.

Clothes/Diapers: He totally wore a pair of 12 month pants that fit the other day and the jeans he’s wearing in these pics are 12 months but Circo stuff always fits him strange…he has such a skinny waist. But most of his other outfits are 18 months now.  I bought a ton of fall/winter stuff on Old Navy since they had a good sale and all the shirts are 18-24 months since their stuff tends to run a little small on him.  He’s wearing one of the shirts in these recap photos and it’s not too roomy.  I’ve noticed he has a longer torso (with a belly) and shorter legs, so he fills things out quicker on top than the bottom.  Still in 4’s for diapers, has moved up to 5’s in shoes.


Diet: UGH. That’s all I can say. Latest things he’s been refusing are chicken, ground turkey, deli meats, most vegetables, soup, bread w/butter, and oatmeal.  Hubby made pot roast in the slow cooker yesterday and he ate 5 bites of potatoes and refused to eat anything else.  So dinner has been very hard. He ate a few pieces of a hamburger the other day which was a miracle.  He is, however, a huge fan of Goldfish now.  We share a snack pack when he eats yogurt before taking his nap.  He still loves most fruits, especially when you peel the skin off of something and let him take bites, like from an apple, peach, or plum.  Also loves milk – we try to keep him to 2 cups total each day but he would easily drink more.


Milestones/Firsts: Says “ca” for “cat”. Can say “cheese”, “all done”, and “keys”.   When I say “A, B, C”, he will repeat “aaa” for “A”.  Other than that we haven’t heard much or at least much that’s understandable.  His doctor keeps saying that since he was walking early this is normal and he’ll probably only add a few more words by the time he turns 18 months.  Other big milestone has been the climbing this month.  First time staying away overnight from both Mommy & Daddy (we went to a wedding and Grandma and Grandpa came up to watch him).


Likes: Helping shut doors. Playing outside with his Cozy Coupe (or just playing outside in general). Reading. Watching Super Why and the intro song for Daniel Tiger.  Dogs (smiles so big and giggles whenever he sees one in person)!  Running around with bigger kids at playdates. Pushing things. Playing with blankets and pillows. Chasing after Daddy when he gets home from work.

Dislikes: Going upstairs to take a nap (but then he’s fine once we start reading a few stories). Being shut out of the bathroom (“privacy, please!” “just one minute!”).  Being put in his highchair for dinner. 


Things I don’t want to forget: How he is so proud of himself every time he climbs onto the living room chair and sits down.  Then he stands up and waits for us to say “no standing” and starts jumping.  How fast he flips through pages in a book when he’s reading by himself.  How he loves sitting in my lap, even if we’re not reading. How he pushes the cars and trains on the floor around now, just like a big boy.  How he tries to hide from strangers by covering his eyes or slumping over completely in the shopping cart.




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