Sunday, June 16, 2013


I really can’t believe that at 9:43 am last year little Toby had arrived.  While I don’t remember a lot from his actual birth day, I do remember very clearly when the nurse finally placed him on my chest and I cried so many happy tears.  I checked out his eyes to see what color they were (blue like mine), his tiny little button nose and his mouth that was very similar to Daddy’s, his fingers and toes to make sure they were all there, and then felt the top of his head, which was covered with just a small amount of fuzzy brown hair.  The first few weeks were a blur but once we got into a routine, I remember feeling more complete.  I knew something had been missing from my life and Toby had filled that void.

This year has been rewarding, sometimes challenging, but there have always been more good days than not so good days.  We’ve been blessed with an easy-going baby, but I do like to think his laid-back personality has something to do with our parenting skills.  We’ve learned a lot this year, grown a lot, and created so many memories.

Love you, Toby James!  Simply put, I am a better person because of you, and for that I’m forever grateful to you. 




And Happy Father’s Day to my hubby!  Hard to believe this is year #2 for you:



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