Monday, March 11, 2013

7th & 8th Month Favorites

Technically not done with his 8th month yet, but these are our most recent favorites.  Lots of toys and books!  Previous month favorites can be found here.


Bumkin Bib – Made of vinyl that is super easy to wash off and dries very quickly.  We also have a Bumkin with long sleeves for when we start adventuring more with finger foods and self feeding…

VTech Rhyme and Discover Book – Sings a lot of different rhymes – all short so they’re easy to remember. It will also say cute things like “turn the page”, “come find me!”, “the end”.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker – We used this for a few weeks without the walker so he could it use while sitting. When he started pulling up, we added the legs and base on. He uses this every day, usually in the morning to distract him while I make a bottle. Lots of different songs, phrases, and barnyard animal noises. He also loves when I pretend to talk on the purple phone. He has taken a couple small steps with it but definitely isn’t using it as a full-time walker yet!

Boynton’s Greatest Hits – Volume 2: this set came with four board books. They’re the perfect length for Toby’s attention span and small enough to fit in my diaper bag. I love the rhymes and silly characters. Can see these being a hit as Toby grows older and understands them more.  All of Sandra Boynton’s books are great – we also have one of the Pookie books and I found some of her others at TJ Maxx for $4 each.

Babies R Us Spoons – Hands down these are our favorite spoons.  Not sure if Toby just has a little mouth but these ones are tiny enough and don’t make a mess.  We’ve tried other spoons but they are larger and have ridges around the edges, therefore less food makes it in his mouth.

Sassy Soft Swimmers Animal Characters Bath Toy – So we use these more out of the bath than actually in it haha! He loves chewing on them.  The octopus has a home in one of the pails above his changing table to help distract him during lotion and changing into pj’s time. They do dry pretty fast for being soft bath toys, though.

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table – He uses this every day now, especially since he can pull up on it. The songs remind me of New Orleans with all the jazz tunes. It seems like every couple weeks Toby figures out how to play something new on his own.

Dear Zoo board book – OMG obsessed with this book. Both of us are :) We read this every day, sometimes multiple times a day. He loves opening the flaps, especially the ones revealing the lion and monkey. The flaps are very sturdy, too, so I see this lasting a long time. Where’s Spot is another one of his favorites.

LeapFrog My Discovery House – I found this on Amazon and based on the good reviews I figured we would try it out.  It’s super cute and has a ton of different phrases and words.  One of the morning songs says something about “stretching your sleepies away” - adorable.  He hasn’t figured out how to push all the different buttons yet but loves opening and closing the fridge and front door.  Well worth $20.

Bedtime Peekaboo board book – I found a lot of these books at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago for $5 each, so I went with this version since he doesn’t have a lot of bedtime themed books.  He loves opening the flaps and knows to turn the page after he puts each flap back – it’s so cute how he does it on his own.  We read this each night now and often before naps, as well.


Things we are still using from previous Favorite lists…Halo sleep sacks, Fisher Price Animal Krackers Jumperoo, the Ergo carrier, Playtex bottles and liners, Munchkin Nursery Sound System, and the GoPod.  And since we are trying to get as much use out of the infant car seat as possible before he grows out of it lengthwise, we are still using the caddy frame for quick errands when we know there won’t be a shopping cart in the store.  So glad we went with a caddy!  I never thought we’d use it this long.


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