Saturday, May 19, 2012

Birth Announcements

Something on The Bump’s checklist of things to do is to pick out birth announcements before baby arrives.  I realize this makes sense to have something picked out ahead of time, but it’s just weird looking at these before he’s here.  I think I’m going to go with something on Shutterfly since they’re fairly easy to use and really all you have to do is add in your photos to complete the project.  I would love to design my own, but I’m being realistic in knowing that I probably wouldn’t finish them until 9 months after Baby C is here and my goal is to get these out a month after he’s born :)

Here’s some of my favs on Shutterfly:

I love the “Hello” font on this above one.


Cute polkadots without being too feminine.


Love how the picture is more “floating” with the bubbles on top.


Bold design  and doesn’t use the typical baby blue colors all over.


They do have a couple nautical-themed ones, but this is really the only one I would consider going with.  Not sure if I want to keep doing water/beachy stuff, though.


I also checked out Snapfish and Vistaprint, but none of their designs really popped out at me.  I guess my other option would be to design something on my own now and leave it blank for the picture(s), but then I have to print them and possibly cut them depending on the type of paper I use, and like I said before, I need to be realistic in knowing how long that could possibly take me with a newborn needing my attention.  At least I still have a few more weeks to decide…it’s a month today until his due date!


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