Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Babymoon in San Diego – Part 1

Going back to work last week after getting back from an amazing 5 1/2 days in San Diego was SO hard.  I’m still trying to adjust and I have a short week again!  Luckily the weather today was about 10 degrees less than what it was in Cali, so I could pretend during my lunch break I wasn’t back in MA.

We debated about when exactly in February we would go on our babymoon, and I’m very glad we picked the week we did.  This was mostly because my bump was not huge yet (it was getting a little hard to keep bending down to grab snacks out of my purse underneath the seat in front of me on the plane), and I also had not been feeling much aches or pains yet in my pregnancy.  I still had a lot of energy and I was able to keep up with all the walking we did until the very last day. 

Starting off, the non-stop flight there from Boston was long and not very comfortable.  It was a little under 6 hours, and I’ve done much longer flights than that, but usually I can fall asleep which helps pass the time.  With this flight, that just was not happening.  We did splurge on extra leg room seats on Jet Blue, but it didn’t help much.  I wish they would offer 2 seater rows instead of 3 seats as an upgrade instead, but I’m guessing the price for those would be outrageous.  I had a mini inflatable pillow for my back, so that did help me from getting sore.  The worst part of the flight was as we got close to landing, the turbulence was awful.  I was clutching the arms of the seat and trying to breathe deeply since it was stressing me out, but that was not fun. 

Once we were on land, I felt fine; I had no swelling and didn’t feel dehydrated – I was just HUNGRY!  I had plenty of snacks during the flight (I was prepared with trail mix, Goldfish and fruit snacks) but I definitely needed dinner ASAP.  It was about 7:30 PST once we  checked into the hotel, which meant it was late “our” time.  After quickly dropping off our bags in the room, we headed out to find something quick to eat.  We drove around the city a bit and eventually ended up in the Gaslamp Quarter.  I had heard from many people this was a must-neighborhood to check out, so it was cool to see it the first night we were there.  The Gaslamp Quarter has a ton to offer – lots of restaurants, plenty of shops and even saw a couple nightclubs.  We ended up eating at a Mexican restaurant that reminded me of Margarita’s – it was like a chain and nothing really special but at least the food was good. 

The next morning we decided to wake up early and head to the zoo, hoping that it would be less busy on Thursday instead of on the weekend.  Since I was still on Boston time, I ended up waking up around 5:30 and couldn’t fall back asleep, so I decided to grab Hubby’s iPad and chill on the patio for awhile.  Good thing I did this, because I saw the sun rise and would eventually complete one of my goals later on for watching the sun rise and set in the same day :) 

SanDiego2012 108 marina view from our room, sunrise

Speaking of our patio, the hotel room we had was great.  It was a 2 room suite, with an almost full kitchen (stovetop), a large dressing room/closet area, a huge bathroom, and a separate bedroom from the living area.  We ended up with 2 queens since they only have one of these suites with a king, but it wasn’t a huge deal.  The decor was very tropical and the entire resort reminded me of St. Lucia – or I guess it would be like Hawaii but I’ve never been there before. 

SanDiego2012 094

We stayed at the Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn & Suites on Shelter Island, and the overall experience was very good.  It was in the perfect location – only 7 minutes from the airport but definitely far away that you couldn’t hear any noise.  It was also in a great central location, since everywhere we went was only about 10 minutes away with the exception of La Jolla and also the outlets near the international border.  Beds were comfy, room was always clean (though they did come really late around 6pm one night), and the front desk staff were very friendly.  Considering the cost of the room and how nice the hotel was (I’d say it was about a 3.5-4 star rating), we were pretty impressed and happy with our decision, especially since I mainly relied on TripAdvisor ratings for it.  We did not end up checking out the restaurant on the property since the menu wasn’t that big and I wasn’t in the mood for what they had to offer.  There also was a heated pool and jacuzzi, but we did not end up using them (obviously I wouldn’t have baked Baby C in the jacuzzi).  I had one bathing suit that fit me by the time we left, but we were just never in the mood to go swimming, especially since we would get back later at night.

Next post I will share some cute pictures from the zoo :)


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  1. Ohhhh, a awesome! I flew to visit my dad in San Francisco years ago and I remember how awful that 6 hour flight was...and I wasn't even pregnant at the time! And, I have to say, that picture of the sunrise was beautiful! Glad you guys were able to do this, sounds like it was a peaceful vacation for you two!


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