Monday, November 21, 2011

Cake Inspiration – Swimming Pool

Remember how I made Hula Bear cupcakes and cake earlier this year?  Well I was just browsing Foodgawker and came across this picture for a swimming pool cake. 

image source from alanabread

It’s a very similar idea to what I did, minus the ocean theme, so I wouldn’t have to include the Nemo fruit snacks or chocolate flavored Goldfish.  I love the idea of adding the cookies around the base of the cake to make the actual pool.  And that candy ladder – oh it’s so cute!  After reading through the recipe, it’s a little unique because the blue filling is jelly…I think I would just skip that and do lots of frosting instead :)

Is it bad I’m already thinking of things to make for pool parties next summer?  We’re not even close to being started with winter yet…


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