Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration

We desperately need to makeover our kitchen.  It’s the classic 80’s theme with white laminate EVERYWHERE.  Counters, backsplash, cabinets.  Oh the cabinets…you know, the ones that have the wood trim on the bottom?  Sigh, it was fine when we moved in, because they all worked and everything was clean.  But now that we’ve lived here a couple years, I can’t believe anyone would ever use white laminate as a countertop.  The stains do not scrub off and we just need something much more durable.

I started looking at inspiration pictures on Pinterest as I’m still undecided about doing butcher block or not for the counters.  I originally thought I loved it but then thought it may be too much wood after we put in the new floor. 

Below is actually a good example of how our kitchen is arranged.  Our floor space is a bit smaller in width and the oven is where the sink is.  And the fridge is actually on the opposite side…but you get the idea.  This is the only picture I could find that somewhat resembled our “U-shaped” kitchen.   I do still like the white cabinets and I think it would be smart for us to just replace the doors so the facing is updated.  The white will keep the kitchen bright since there are no windows in there.


Source: via Emily on Pinterest



The dark dark countertops in the above picture are really nice and make the kitchen look so rich. We also have all white appliances now so it would contrast well.  And the beadboard on those cabinets is amazing….love love love it.  In the below picture, I really like the green paint color.  It goes perfectly with the butcher block, and again, nice contrast to the white.

Source: via Emily on Pinterest



Not sure where else to get inspiration ideas as Google didn’t come up with much – I thought “U-shaped” kitchens were a more popular design!


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  1. They are gorgeous, gorgeous, and gorgeous! They would make your kitchen stunning!


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